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Proseries Service

Be it any industry, all demands the latest equipment, such as diverse tools and software, to make work simpler, correct and faster every time. In the area of the tax preparation, there has been a incredible transformation concerning how to people work.
Earlier, they used to prepare tax returns and other supporting documents on papers through their own computations and manual efforts. People have grown to be advanced and majority of them are looking for different options to reduce their burden and time utilisation.
While making use of ProSeries Tax Preparation Software, there is no requirement for time-consuming data entry. Most hectic tasks are carried electronically, the entire tax preparation process becomes a lot easier.
We offer Proseries Tax Preparation services at Better Ledger, a leading outsourcing accounting company. As Intuit’s Proseries software gets updated about the latest taxation and Taxation rules, you will the rest assured about the tax information and files which complies with the regulations.



1. Allows inputting e-filing tax returns i.e. compulsory for IRS conformity.
2. Provides in-depth category specific checklists for the facts collection.
3. Allows data inputs into forms and worksheets.


1. Offers superior integration with QuickBooks.
2. Allows straight scanning of W2 and 1099 customer information.
3. Allows comprehensive diagnostics of income tax data.
We support Multiple Tax Preparation Softwares with the expertise in the every tax software and platforms, our a team of highly-skilled specialists offers fast learning curves and swift implementation of the solutions.