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Better Ledger is navigated by the leaders who are industry specialists in consulting and business process management with diverse experience and understanding. They try to make Better Ledger – The partner-of-choice for transformative and meet business solutions.



Better Ledger has benefitted from an outstanding leadership team which sets strategic direction, encourages alteration, and supports employees to meet client demands.


Determined, competent and qualified leaders at Better Ledger which ensures that a global leader in the Business Process Management industry for the years to come. Meet our board of directors that concentrate on comprehending business’s complex needs and bring their insight, skills and expertise to provide potential solutions for business challenges.


                                                                  SAID PARSI (FOUNDER)

A Certified General Accountant has 24+ years of accounting experience in the outsourcing industry. He possesses experience in inter-company accounts, taxation, managing books of accounts for all-sized companies.

Well-versed with the work culture, ethics and conditions of these geographics, he always strives to build up the system to meet client needs. At Better Ledger, he manages the outsourcing operations for the various accounting, bookkeeping and taxation processes which oversees the marketing function.






With over 15+ years of experience in accounting, auditing, and taxation, he manages the outsourcing operations of various accounting and bookkeeping procedures at Better Ledger. Karan Khatri has worked for clients across the world including India, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Having worked on many projects for accounting, auditing, and reconciliation of various global clients, he is well-versed with the global accounting standards, and work variation.

He possesses in-depth knowledge of various accounting software like ZohoBooks, Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite and an instinct for solving client problems efficiently. Owing to his dedication, effective communication skills and a thorough accounting knowledge.


                                                                 SAHIL BHATIA (MANAGER)


Sahil has a comprehensive experience in implementing systems for preparation, maintenance and finalisation of the statutory books of accounts and financial statements. His keys are financial analysis, accounting, reporting, various management reporting, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable Management which enables to serve clients timely and qualitatively.

His specialisation in implementation knowledge is used in international accounting softwares which makes him precious for the organisations.




Accounting Service

She is responsible for handling project operations for client accounts and ensuring that the team meets all the accounts requirements and specifications. She handles budgeting and resource allocation to support business functions and maintain the highest client satisfaction. She also identifies business opportunities for additional services to discuss with clients that would generate more revenues and profits for the business. She determines training and activities to support staff in maximising productivity and efficiency.




                                                                 BHAVIKA MALHOTRA (HR MANAGER)


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Human Resources as a specialisation, Bhavika is an experienced HR Manager along with having worked in customer services and e-commerce fields. She manages various tasks efficiently including all HR Operations like managing Performance Management System, Lead Generation.

Her vast exposure to diverse fields which makes her self-reliant which have the capabilities to understand various roles and demands which fits the right candidates. With her ethical working style, leadership qualities, teamwork spirit, and technical skills. Bhavika is one of the rising stars in our company.






He analyses financial information and prepares financial reports for the identification or maintenance of liabilities, tax liability, asset, or other financial activity records. He reports to the management with regards to the finances of the organisation or establishment. He supervises the design of branch inventory levels through software procedure and installation implementation. His duties also include the analysis of quarterly project profitability which determines individual project loss or income and research.



                                                                 RAJAN (TEAM LEADER)


Rajan is responsible for implementing strategies that team members use to achieve goals on time and delegating tasks based on each member’s strength and skills and offers training needs to complete certain tasks. He is responsible for inspiring and motivating team members with regular encouragement and keeping the enthusiasm through individual coaching when required.







She is in charge of assisting the accounting department by performing some supportive tasks. Among duties include preparing and processing financial reports and other documentation, answering calls and correspondence, preparing forms and presentations, and helping in processing payrolls, taxes, deductions, and receivables. Furthermore, as a senior accounting associate, it essential to the lead and serve as a role model to junior associates while enforcing the company’s policies and regulations, including state laws and the rules.





                                                                 DAVINDER SINGH (TEAM LEADER)


He is a mid-level professional who oversees the company’s accounting department. He takes ownership for every aspect that goes into producing an organisation’s report from cost productivity and margins all the way down to expenditures. He combines excellent analytical skills with a complete knowledge of accounting principles to analyse financial reports and forecasts. He is responsible for managing other employees or overseeing specific aspects of a project. This includes assigning tasks to junior staff, providing proper guidance and feedback as they complete those tasks and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal.







He is a skilled specialist in the field of accounting, with years of experience and expertise as a Senior Accounts Associate. He has extensive knowledge in financial management, bookkeeping, and auditing, among other related areas. His goal is to provide exceptional service to my clients by delivering accurate and timely financial reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement. As a Senior Accounts Associate, he committed to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all aspects of his work.






                                                                 MANNAT JAISINGHANI (ACCOUNTS ASSOCIATE)


Mannat is responsible for providing accurate, timely and accessible financial information which helps the team to take financial decisions and optimise resources to achieve the company’s mission. She owns key accounting responsibilities including accounts payable, accounts receivable, expense report processing, and monthly close procedures. She reports to the Accounting Manager and works closely with the Controller in several key areas.